Off I go

I got to Gatwick a little over an hour ago and am now, sitting and waiting for my flight to Casablanca.

The skies are grey and I am watching planes come in to land while others taxi along getting ready to jet off. The idea that I will be in Cairo in a few days time is alien enough; that I will be in Rabat this evening, even more so. Part of this is down to the surprising nature of all this; a trip of this scale requires planning, consultation with guide books, a growing sense of anticipation. With this, there has been none of that. Aside from having to pop to the Egyptian Consulate in Belgravia, I have had to do nothing. That said, it does now appear that I will have to do something when I get back.

As a Fellow of the programme, I will have to contribute to the writing of a chapter of a report into the programme as a whole. The theme of the report is Youth Development. As a phrase it is not something which I am particularly familiar with; reflecting on the work which I have been involved with to date summons up ideas of enabling people to do more, to reach their potential, to enable flourishing. If that is the case, then over the next few weeks that is what I will be thinking about. How does everything which I see contribute to enabling young people to do more; how are the people with whom I meet enabling young people to reach their potential, or are they somehow a barrier to development. We shall have to see….photo


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