Le Rive

A note about the hotel…. The Rive Hotel, situated in the Administrative Quarter of Rabat, is an odd creature. Its eccentricities are subtle but no less strange for it. For instance, I am sure that the floor in my room is not quite flat. I cannot quite place it, but in certain parts of the room, the floor seems to roll. Similarly, the bed, while comfortable and I have slept well in it, seems to give more or less in certain places. However, it is the lighting set up in the hotel which is most unnerving. All corridor lights are operated by movement sensors; the corridor on which my room is located has no external windows, so when I open my door in the morning, because there is a sensor directly above the door, I trigger the sensor and am immediately blinded by light shining directly in my eyes. The sensors are very sensitive, so one only has to stop moving for a moment, say to put ones key in ones pocket after closing ones door, to be plunged back in to darkness only to be blinded again by the next light-sensor arrangement as one starts to walk down the corridor.


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